Mr. Tee Records

Born in the Carolinas, Walt recorded his first single. You all I need in 1984.
Two years later Step By Step followed with a place on the charts in England. 
Walt began opening shows with R&B artists Glenn Jones, Evelyn Champagne King, Lenny Williams & Harold Melvin & The Blue notes.
With confidence, skills, and style he then branched out as a writer, producer, and arranger and recorded a 5 song maxi single containing a blues song titled I Made Up My Mind. It caught on in some markets and Walt Love had found his style very smooth ballads, and dance cuts mixed with his own musical concept but with a traditional blues formula. 
He didnít know it at the time but he had become a soldier in the southern soul army.
Today he is enjoying success with Donít Go and has just released a new CD Take Me Back (To The Old School Party) 
In The tradition of the old school performers he has admired Walt travels with a four piece rhythm section or eight piece band including two female vocalists and brass.
His strong stage presence and performance captivates and excites audiences nationwide. 
Get a copy of his new CD today! See his live performance! He have now signed with Mr. Tee Records of Houston, TX (281) 741-4121.