Mr. Tee Records

The James Payne story begins in Theodore, Alabama were at the age of 9, his father handed him his first bass guitar that he started fumbling with. Later that same year his father handed him his first alto saxophone that he started playing in middle school. He went on to perform in the high school chorus, and  then went on to perform at church with a great singer name Tawanna Black, who is unknown to most of the public. In 1982 Little Milton called him Little Luther Vandross of Mobile, Alabama.

He came up singing gospel at the age of 13 with a small group called The Sensational Five and with them traveled to  cities in the Midwest: like Detroit, Michigan and Chicago,  Illinois, just to mention a few.

Then he moved on to other groups like the Perryman Brother, Sunset Jubilee, and the Mobile soul stirrers along  with Singing Sons, all of which where from Mobile, Alabama; and also The Dynamic Counselors of Detroit, Michigan.

In 1984 he started a group called U-Can't Touch This out of Pensacola, Florida, and then later moved to Mobile, Alabama and started performing with Apollo Blues Band of  Mobile. He later moved on to perform with a very outstanding group know to the public as The Fabulous Tip Top, also of  Mobile, Alabama.

By 1999 after leaving this group, he started touring  with Blues Unlimited that was founded by James Payne and  Clay Knight while on the road touring with his good friend Mr. David Brinston.

By 2001 at this time he was a artist of Mr. Tee Record  Company, performing with his own band known to the public as Justice Show Band. He then journeyed on to Jacksonville, Florida and started recording in 2001 his first hit single,  Fat Woman and Treat Her Right. Mr. Tee Records pick these recording, and Ground Up Records in Richmond, California arranged the music. And then went on to release a full-length CD.

This singer sum up his prodigious accomplishment by saying I've been heavily inspired by great singers of the world like Johnny Taylor, Little Milton Campbell, and Marvin  Sease. But mostly by my admired cousin Mr. Rev. Williams Parrish of Theodore, Alabama