Mr. Tee Records


A native of  New Orleans, LA. Born under the sign of  “Gemini.”  My dreams all started at the age of five.
When my mother  played  the songs of the early sixties like Sam Cooke and Jackie  Wilson I would sit down and sing along with the songs  and from there I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

My mother had eleven children, so she couldn’t afford to send me to music classes, so I started singing with the church choir, in both grammar and high school, I participated in the school choir from there I sang with the children of Zion Gospel Singers.

Following that, I sang with the group called, “The City Best Band.” I also participated in several nightclub talent shows. I recently participated in a talent show called, “Discovery Television.” I won the audition and went on to video taping, just making the finals were a joyful moment for me.

From 1988-1994, I started writing lyrics with my co-writer, Albert Savoy. He had taught me many things about the music business.
From there I did back up singing for Crawford Johnson and Donna Mitchell. A show case given by “Indigo Records.”

From 1993-1994, I participated in a talent show at a nightclub called the “Webb,” I won the finals it was a joyous occasion.

In May 93, I participated in a talent show called, Sun Light Production. I won the audition and went to the second phase of the show. Unfortunately I did not make the finals, but still being there was like a dream come true.

Following that I recently sang with a group call the Brother Hood Band we have played in many nightclubs.

In 2003, I was an opening act for James Payne in Moss Point, Mississippi,

In 2004, I also made a guest appearance on a show called  New Orleans Live. Co-hosted by Tommy Tee of  New Orleans, LA.

I started working on my single “PICK UP ON MY LOVE” from my forte coming CD “Dreams Do Come True,” I have now signed with Mr. Tee Records of Houston, Texas.

This is something I always wanted to do since I was five years old. I have never given up on my dream and with the help of the good LORD, I never will.