Mr. Tee Records

Carl Marshall


Album Discography

"Let's Get Fired Up"  (Giftt 1997)

1.  Let's Get Fired Up (4:53)/2.  A Message, From Heaven (4:58)/3.  He's Knocking (5:07)/4.  Holy Love (4:44)/5.  Honor Thy Love (5:47)/6.  Fast Forward (7:23)/7.  Love Is Better Than Hate (4:07)/8.  It's Not About Money (3:34)/9.  Let Love In (3:23)/10.  Sleep On It, Think About It (3:36)

"Last Minute" (Giftt 1999)

1.  Last Minute (4:10)/2.  Man & Woman (3:30)/3.  Don't Give More Than What You Feel (4:20)/4.  I Lived It All (5:20)/5.  Show Some Sign (5:36)
Full Of Love (5:46)/7.  Live The Life (3:53)/8.  I Got The Blues Trying To Find Love (10:22)/9.  Lonesome Joe (3:24)/10.  Hurt Get Out (5:20)

"You Can't Stop A Woman" (Hep' Me 2000)

"A Woman Wants A Man, She Don't Want No Punk" (Mardi Gras 2001)

1.  A Woman Want A Man, She Don't Want No Punk!!! (4:45)/2.  If It's That Much Misery Then Why You Don't Leave (5:25)/3.  Johnny Don't Give Your Woman To Frank (4:08)/4.  Jingle My Bell (4:20)/5.  You Got To Reap What You Sow (6:19)/6.  I Think I'll Wait Until I Can Do Everything For You (4:06)/7.  Holy Love (4:44)/8.  You're My Lady (3:32)/9.  Let's Play! (3:45)
10.  Don't Make It Work/Let It Work (3:48)

"This Is For Grown Folks" (Giftt 2002)

"All the Big Shots Been Shot" (Giftt 2003)

"Taking It To A Higher Level"  (Giftt 2004)

1.  Put Your Hands On It (5:11)/2.  I Got our Love Touchup (5:16)/3.  High Tech Woman (4:34)/4.  Full-Time Lover (5:01)/5.  Ain't No Party (Like A Grown Folks Party) (5:40)/6.  If It's That Much Misery & Pain (Then Why You Don't Leave) (5:24)/7.  Reap What You Sow (6:12)/8.  Message To The People (1:17)/9.  September 11th (3:35)/10.  Star Spangle Banner (2:53)
11.  My Love Is True (4:22)/12.  Put Your Hands On It (5:11)

"Let's Dance" (Giftt 2005)

1. Let's Dance/2. I'm Looking For A Real Woman/3. Good Loving Can Make You Cry/4. In Them Jeans/5. Short Girls6. I'm Tired Of Missing You/7. A Woman Want A Man She Don't Want No Punk/8. Grown Folks Stomp/9. I Wanna Get Next To You/10. For The Sake Of The Children 11. Everybody Loves You But You/12. Music Trail/13. Boot Leggers Gimmie My Money/14. The Weight Song

"Season Of Love" (Gifft 2006)

"Going Against The Grain" (Unleashed 2006)

"Songs People Love The Most Vol. 1"