This Site will tell you about Mr. Tee Records and Tommy Tee Production & Mr. Tee's Recording Artist.

Founded by Tommy Tee of New Orleans, LA. in 1977 and became A total music company. To that end he went on to promote and produce various recording artist. Mr. Tee Records has produced many artist from coast to coast. As a result, Mr. Tee Records have worked with many artist as you will see in his review. He have produced such artists as Bill Hemmans, Joe Johnson, Projekt Band, Everlasting Hit Man, More Drama, Dice, James Payne, Walt Love, Carl Marshall, Teresa Star, Susie Q and worked with  many others just to name a few.  Also, Mr. Tee Records have produced a variety  of Southern Soul, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Gospel and Country music.   







Mr. Tee Records

P O Box 111974

Houston, TX 77293


To contact us:

Phone: 281-741-4121

Fax: 281-741-4121







About Mr. Tee Records

Mr. Tee Records
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